One UI 6.1 Release Date: Eligible Devices List and New Features

Samsung One UI 6.1 is the newest version of Samsung’s special Android software. It’s built on Android 14 and came out on January 17, 2024, along with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. This update brings lots of cool stuff to your Samsung phone.

Here’s a quick look at what One UI 6. offers:

  1. Release Date: It hit the scene on January 17, 2024, alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.
  2. Eligible Devices: One UI is available for certain Samsung devices, particularly the newer ones like the Galaxy S24 series.
  3. New Features: This update packs in some exciting improvements:
    • AI-Powered Camera: Get ready for smarter photo-taking with the help of artificial intelligence.
    • Performance Boosts: One UI 6.1 promises to make your phone run even smoother and faster.
    • Other Enhancements: There are likely a bunch of other tweaks and improvements to make your overall experience better.
One UI 6
One UI 6.1

One UI 6.1 Release Date

On January 17, 2024, Samsung launched One UI alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. The Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra models were pre-loaded with One UI , while other eligible devices are scheduled to receive the update gradually over the next few weeks and months.

One UI 6.1 Eligible Devices

According to recent reports, One UI 6.1 is accessible for a variety of Samsung devices spanning the Galaxy S, Z, A, M, and F series. The following devices are reportedly eligible for the One UI update:

Galaxy S seriesGalaxy Z seriesGalaxy A seriesGalaxy M seriesGalaxy F series
S23 UltraZ Fold 5A54M54F54
S23+Z Flip 5A34M34 5GF34
S23Z Fold 4A24M53 5GF23
S23 FEZ Flip 4A53M33 5GF14 5G
S22 UltraZ Fold 3A73M23
S22+Z Flip 3A33
S21 UltraA72
S21A52 5G
S21 FEA52 4G
S21 FE (2023)
Samsung devices for the One UI 6.1

One UI 6.1 New Features

Please note that the availability of One UI on these devices may vary depending on region and carrier. Always check with Samsung for the latest updates and eligibility information.

One UI 6.1 introduces several exciting features and improvements, especially in the areas of camera functionality and performance. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

AI-powered Camera Enhancements:

  1. Enhanced Scene Recognition: One UI 6.1 is smarter at recognizing different scenes and adjusts camera settings accordingly for better photos.
  2. Object Tracking: With One UI , your camera can keep moving objects in focus, even if they’re not in the center of the frame or move behind other objects.
  3. Portrait Mode Refinements: One UI enhances portrait mode, offering more natural-looking portraits with improved edge detection, bokeh effects, and lighting.

AI-powered Performance Optimizations:

  1. Better Battery Life: One UI 6.1 optimizes battery usage based on your habits and preferences, helping to extend your device’s battery life.
  2. Faster App Launch Times: Expect quicker app launches with One UI as it predicts which apps you’ll use next and preloads them in the background.
  3. Battery Protection: One UI 6.1 safeguards your battery against overcharging and overheating, prolonging its lifespan.

New AI-powered Features:

  1. AI-powered Translation: One UI can translate text and speech in real-time, even during phone calls and messages, making communication easier across languages.
  2. AI-powered Voice Assistants: With One UI 6.1, you can seamlessly interact with voice assistants like Bixby, Google Assistant, and Alexa, offering more personalized voice interactions.
  3. AI-generated Wallpapers: One UI can create unique wallpapers tailored to your preferences and mood, adding a personalized touch to your device.

Other New Features:

  1. New Lock Screen and Always On Display: One UI brings a fresh design to the lock screen and Always On Display, offering more customization options and better integration with wallpapers and widgets.
  2. Simplified Icon Labels: Icon labels on the home screen and app drawer are simplified in One UI 6.1, removing unnecessary prefixes and limiting names to a single line.
  3. Drag and Drop with Two Hands: One UI 6.1 allows you to drag and drop app icons and widgets using one hand, while navigating with the other, making customization more convenient.
  4. Enhanced Notification Layout: Notifications are displayed as separate cards in One UI, featuring vivid, full-color icons for each app, enhancing the notification experience.
  5. New DeX for Tablets: One UI introduces a new DeX mode for tablets, offering seamless switching between DeX and tablet modes, with support for landscape and portrait orientations.
One UI 6
One UI 6.1 Release Date


Samsung has unveiled its latest custom Android software, One UI 6.1, built upon Android 14. Launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24 series on January 17, 2024, One UI introduces a host of new features and enhancements, particularly focusing on AI-powered camera capabilities, performance optimizations, and various other functionalities. Through this article, we aimed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the offerings of One UI. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to bring you the latest information.


  1. What is One UI 6.1?
    • One UI 6.1 is the latest version of Samsung’s custom Android software, based on Android 14.
  2. When was One UI 6.1 released?
    • One UI was released on January 17, 2024, alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.
  3. Which Samsung devices are eligible for One UI 6.1?
    • One UI is available for a range of Samsung devices including the Galaxy S, Z, A, M, and F series. The eligible devices list may vary based on region and carrier.
  4. What are some of the new features introduced in One UI 6.1?
    • Some of the new features in One UI include AI-powered camera enhancements, performance optimizations, AI-powered translation, AI-powered voice assistants, AI-generated wallpapers, new lock screen and Always On Display designs, simplified icon labels, drag and drop with two hands, enhanced notification layout, and new DeX mode for tablets.
  5. How can I get One UI 6.1 on my Samsung device?
    • If you own an eligible Samsung device, you should receive a notification prompting you to download and install the One UI update. You can also manually check for updates in your device’s settings.
  6. What should I do if my device is not listed as eligible for One UI 6.1?
    • If your device is not listed as eligible for the One UI 6.1 update, it may be because Samsung has not yet released the update for your device model or region. Keep an eye out for announcements from Samsung regarding software updates for your device.
  7. Can I expect further updates and improvements to One UI 6.1 in the future?
    • Samsung regularly releases software updates to improve the performance, stability, and features of its devices. You can expect further updates and improvements to One UI 6.1 in the future. Make sure to keep your device up to date by installing the latest software updates when they become available.

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