LineageOS Guide to Native Call Recording

In the ever-evolving world of LineageOS customization, the demand for native call recording remains high. This feature not only adds convenience but also enhances the overall user experience. Here, we present an exhaustive guide on enabling native call recording for LineageOS, catering to both rooted and non-rooted users.

LineagesOS for Rooted Devices

Rooting Essentials

For those who have embraced the world of rooting, native call recording becomes an attainable feat. Rooting provides access to LineageOS’s core functionalities, unlocking features hidden to the regular user. Before proceeding, ensure your device is rooted to maximize LineageOS’s capabilities.

Magisk Module Mastery

Magisk, the favored solution for rooted LineageOS users, offers a dedicated module for native call recording. This module seamlessly integrates with the system, providing a secure and stable solution. To harness this power, download the LineageOS native call recording module through Magisk Manager and reboot your rooted device.

LineageOS for No-Rooted Device

Balancing Accessibility and Security

For users who prefer to keep their devices unrooted, native call recording remains accessible without compromising security. Third-party applications serve as a bridge, offering convenience without delving into the device’s core.

Third-Party App Solutions

Applications like ACR Call Recorder and Boldbeast Recorder shine as reliable choices for unrooted LineageOS devices. Download your preferred app from the Google Play Store, follow the installation instructions, and grant necessary permissions. Configure settings according to your preferences for seamless integration with LineageOS.

Step-by-Step Implementation

Magisk Manager
To Download Magisk Manager Simply Click On the Image Above

Rooted Devices: Magisk Module Installation

  1. Install Magisk: Ensure Magisk is installed on your rooted LineageOS device.
  2. Download Module: Access the Magisk Manager, download the LineageOS native call recording module.
  3. Module Installation: Flash the downloaded module via Magisk Manager and reboot your device.

Unrooted Devices: Third-Party App Integration

  1. Download App: Choose a reputable call recording app like ACR Call Recorder from the Google Play Store.
  2. Installation: Follow the app’s installation instructions and grant necessary permissions.
  3. Configuration: Adjust settings as per your preferences, ensuring seamless call recording integration with LineageOS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is rooting necessary for native call recording on LineageOS?
No, rooting is not mandatory. Unrooted users can utilize third-party applications like ACR Call Recorder for native call recording.

Q2: Are there any risks associated with rooting my device?
Rooting involves certain risks, including voided warranties and potential security vulnerabilities. Users are advised to research thoroughly and proceed with caution.

Q3: Can native call recording affect call quality?
When implemented correctly, native call recording should not significantly impact call quality. However, using reputable third-party applications ensures a smooth experience.

Ensuring Compatibility: Device-Specific Considerations

While the provided methods cater to a broad audience, device-specific nuances must be acknowledged. Consult device-specific forums or LineageOS communities to ensure compatibility and address potential issues.


Native call recording stands as a pivotal feature in the pursuit of an enhanced LineageOS experience. Rooted or unrooted, users now possess the tools to seamlessly integrate this functionality. Follow the outlined methods, consider device-specific nuances, and elevate your Lineage-OS smartphone experience to new heights.


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Disclaimer: Rooting your Android device is a complex process that can void your warranty, brick your device, and expose you to security risks. This content is for informational purposes only, and we take no responsibility for any consequences of your actions. Proceed at your own risk.

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