Common Problems In Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus – HOW TO FIX THAT in 2024!

1. Introduction:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus has undoubtedly marked its place among the top-tier smartphones. However, like any sophisticated device, it’s not immune to occasional hiccups. Let’s delve into some common issues users might encounter with their Galaxy S21 Plus and effective troubleshooting methods to address them.

One common problem that users may face with their Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is battery drain. This issue can be frustrating, especially for those who rely heavily on their smartphones throughout the day. Another frequent concern is related to connectivity issues, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth not working properly.

To address battery drain problems, users can start by checking for any apps running in the background that may be consuming excessive power. Adjusting the device’s settings to optimize battery usage and ensuring that all apps are up to date can also help prolong battery life.

For connectivity issues, troubleshooting steps may include resetting network settings, updating the device’s software, or forgetting and re-adding Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. By following these troubleshooting methods, users can often resolve these common problems with their Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and enjoy a smoother smartphone experience.

Overview of Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus:

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus stands out for its impressive features and performance. With a stunning display that showcases vibrant colors and sharp details, users can enjoy an immersive viewing experience like never before. Whether watching videos, playing games, or browsing the web, the display of the Galaxy S21 Plus is sure to impress.

In terms of performance, this smartphone does not disappoint. Equipped with a powerful processor and ample RAM, the Galaxy S21 Plus can handle multitasking with ease. Users can switch between apps seamlessly, run demanding games and applications smoothly, and experience swift responsiveness in every interaction.

Moreover, the Galaxy S21 Plus comes packed with a plethora of features designed to enhance the overall user experience. From advanced camera capabilities for capturing stunning photos and videos to innovative security features for protecting personal data, this smartphone offers a comprehensive set of tools to meet the diverse needs of modern users.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design to deliver an unparalleled smartphone experience that caters to both productivity and entertainment needs.

2. Common Problems:

Despite its impressive capabilities, some users may face challenges while using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. Let’s explore some common issues encountered by users:

Battery Drainage

One of the most prevalent issues reported by Galaxy S21 Plus users is rapid battery drainage. This can be particularly frustrating for users who rely heavily on their devices throughout the day. To address this problem, users can try optimizing their battery settings, closing background apps, and reducing screen brightness when not needed.


Overheating is another concern among Galaxy S21 Plus users, especially during prolonged usage or while running resource-intensive apps. To prevent overheating, users can try giving their device a break, avoiding direct sunlight, and ensuring proper ventilation during use.

Camera Malfunctions

Users may encounter camera malfunctions, such as blurry images or camera app crashes, affecting their photography experience. To troubleshoot camera issues, users can try clearing the camera app cache, restarting the device, or checking for software updates.

Connectivity Issues

Some users may experience difficulties with connectivity, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or mobile network connectivity problems. To improve connectivity, users can try resetting network settings, ensuring they are within range of the network, and checking for any physical obstructions that may be affecting the signal.

3. How to Fix Battery Drainage:

To further address battery drainage on your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, consider implementing additional strategies. Start by checking for any software updates that may include battery optimization improvements. Additionally, monitoring and managing app usage can significantly impact battery life. Uninstalling unused apps and disabling auto-sync features can reduce unnecessary background processes draining your battery.

Another effective method is to adjust your device’s display settings. Lowering the screen brightness and reducing the screen timeout duration can lessen the strain on your battery. Furthermore, enabling dark mode can also contribute to conserving battery power, especially on devices with OLED screens.

Moreover, consider investing in a high-quality charger and cable to ensure efficient charging and prevent battery degradation over time. Avoid using third-party chargers that may not be compatible with your device, as they can lead to slower charging speeds and potential battery issues.

By implementing these additional steps alongside the initial recommendations, you can effectively mitigate battery drainage issues on your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, ensuring optimal performance throughout the day.

4. Resolving Overheating:

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

To prevent overheating problems with your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, it’s crucial to avoid exposing your device to extreme temperatures. High temperatures can strain the internal components and lead to overheating issues, affecting the overall performance and longevity of your device.

Check for Software Updates

Regularly checking for and installing software updates is essential in resolving overheating issues. Software updates often include bug fixes and performance optimizations that can help regulate the device’s temperature and prevent it from overheating during regular use.

Monitor Resource-Intensive Apps

Keep an eye on resource-intensive apps that may be running in the background and consuming excessive resources. These apps can put a strain on your device’s processor, causing it to heat up quickly. By identifying and closing these apps when not in use, you can prevent unnecessary overheating and ensure smooth operation of your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus.

5. Troubleshooting Camera Issues:

To troubleshoot camera issues on your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, start by cleaning the camera lens to ensure optimal image quality. A dirty lens can lead to blurry or distorted photos, so it’s essential to keep it smudge-free. Additionally, updating the camera app to the latest version is crucial. This update can address any bugs or glitches that may be impacting the camera’s performance, resulting in clearer and sharper images.

If you’re still experiencing issues, consider resetting the camera settings to default. This action can help resolve any software-related issues that might be affecting the camera’s functionality. By resetting the settings, you can eliminate any potential conflicts or errors that could be hindering the camera’s performance. Following these steps can help you address common camera problems and ensure that your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus captures photos and videos effectively.

6. Fixing Connectivity Problems:

To address connectivity problems on your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, start by restarting your device. A simple restart can refresh system processes and often resolve temporary connectivity issues quickly. If the problem persists, check your network settings to ensure that Wi-Fi passwords and mobile data settings are correctly configured. Incorrect settings can lead to connectivity issues, so verifying them is essential.

Another effective solution is to update your device’s firmware. Updating the firmware can address compatibility issues with networks and other devices, ultimately improving your overall connectivity performance. By staying up to date with firmware updates, you can ensure that your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus maintains a stable and reliable connection for calls, messages, and internet access. Implementing these steps can help you troubleshoot and fix common connectivity problems efficiently.

7. Conclusion:

In conclusion, it is evident that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, despite its premium features, is not immune to common technical challenges. From battery drainage to connectivity issues, users may face various obstacles in maximizing their device’s potential. However, with the right strategies and solutions in place, these issues can be effectively managed and resolved.

By implementing simple steps like restarting the device, checking network settings, and ensuring firmware updates are current, users can tackle connectivity problems head-on. Additionally, addressing battery drainage, overheating, and camera malfunctions through specific troubleshooting methods can significantly enhance the overall performance of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus.

It is crucial for users to stay informed and proactive in dealing with these common problems to ensure a seamless and enjoyable smartphone experience. By following the guidelines provided in this article, users can troubleshoot effectively and make the most out of their Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus device.

8. FAQs

Why is my Galaxy S21 Plus battery draining quickly?

Several factors can contribute to rapid battery drainage, including excessive background app usage, high screen brightness, and outdated software. Optimizing settings and managing apps can help alleviate this issue.

How do I know if my Galaxy S21 Plus is overheating?

You may notice your device becoming uncomfortably warm to the touch or experiencing performance slowdowns during prolonged usage, indicating overheating. Monitoring resource usage and avoiding extreme temperatures can help prevent this issue.

My Galaxy S21 Plus camera is blurry, what should I do?

Ensure the camera lens is clean and free from any obstructions. Additionally, updating the camera app and resetting camera settings can resolve software-related issues affecting image quality.

Why is my Galaxy S21 Plus not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Check that your Wi-Fi network is functioning correctly and verify that the correct password is entered. Additionally, restarting your device and updating firmware can help resolve connectivity issues.

Should I seek professional help for fixing my Galaxy S21 Plus issues?

If the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article do not resolve the issues, it’s advisable to contact Samsung customer support or visit an authorized service center for further assistance.

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